Friday, August 03, 2012

Marketing, People named Paddock, and Saber-toothed Tigers

So we took Sam up to the high school yesterday to enroll him and register him for classes. He's going to take Pre-AP English (what a surprise, right?), Algebra, Physical Science, Government, PE, and courses that were his choice--a basic agriculture course (currently interested in veterinary science) and, of all things, an intro to business class. Frankly at his age, I'd have considered this a boring subject. Not Sam.  

Interestingly, Joseph is taking a course in Entrepreneurship this semester, largely because he had a schedule change when he was accepted as the bass player for the school's center stage show choir. This left him with a hole to fill and the only thing on the list that appealed to him was this class. Why? I asked.

'Dunno. I think it would be fun to learn how to run my own business someday, he replied.

Earlier today I was talking with my oldest, Jeremiah, about marketing and commented that I'm trying to work out this  aspect of being an indie writer. I added that while I've gotten some excellent advice from folks like James Paddock, left to my own devices I'd rather just write and leave all the messy marketing stuff to someone else.  Jeremiah replied casually, "You know, when you release your next book, The Way of Things*, you should offer up free wallpapers and stuff like that. People would probably love to have pictures of the dogs from that story."

Why don't I think like that?

God has obviously ordained it. He wants me to write books and for the boys to market them. They just don't know it yet.

Speaking of James Paddock: check out his stuff--I'm elbow deep in SMILODON (Saber-toothed Tigers in modern day Montana seemed like a good idea until they weren't). It's a great ride. On top of this, James is just a nice guy (shared his wisdom concerning marketing, networking, and patience with me this morning) and has a really cool last name.

*Some of you will know The Way of Things as The Dog Story--chronicled here some time back. I'm editing it as we speak--or type--or as you read this . . . (Unless you're reading it at midnight or something in which case I'm probably asleep or you're reading it on a Tuesday or Thursday in which case I'm probably in class . . . ). 


James Paddock said...

The dogs in your story as wallpaper. That's is thinking out of the box. What box do I have to get out of? I'm still trying to punch my out of the bag inside the box.

Thanks for the great mention, Mary. It's always nice to talk to someone with a "super cool" last name.

James Paddock (@jameswriter)

jeanie said...

Where is the like button - sounds like some very sound sons that you have there, Mary - and no doubt you have screwed their heads on tight enough that they can sort the chaff from the wheat with such subjects.

Mary O. Paddock said...

James! Thanks for stopping by. I don't think anybody in our house knows what the inside of the box looks like. And I suspect you don't have any problems there either (to the man who writes about cloning Smilodons). :)

Jeanie, Thank you. I think they're pretty terrific. :)