Saturday, August 04, 2012

The Way of Things/ The Rules of the Whole

Coming---October 8th 
The Way of Things 
A Fairytale for Dog lovers

The Rules of the Whole

1) What is the Creed of the Whole?
 Above all—We must be attentive Always.
2) Who comes first?
Our humans are first.
3) Who do we fight?
All those—seen and unseen—who would hurt our humans.
4) Who do we hate more than all others?
The Many.
5) Who do we trust?
The Whole and only the Whole.
Our own. And only our own.
6) What is the most important rule?
To love our humans with all of ourselves, abandoning all other needs, wants, and wishes.

The Whole gave no other rules because dogs don’t need them. Good mothers teach them to their pups and good pups carry them in their hearts. 

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