Friday, May 03, 2013

Coming Soon . . .

The END of the semester!

Sometimes I have to make priority decisions and one of them was to give blogging a brief break while I focused on my studies.

Bits and pieces of news:

1)  Oldest Son is about to graduate from college. He may finally move out and stop eating all my food. I will miss him. You will hear about this. Stock tip: Buy shares in tissue companies. It's going to be a big month for them.

2) Other sons are all brilliant. You already knew that.

3) Gary remains handsome and smart. And remarkably patient. He is not allowed to get sick again this year. Ever really.

3) I've subbed "FUM". You may have read the excerpt here. If you didn't and want to, let me know and I'll send it to you. Publishers prefer not to find bits and pieces of work they're considering publishing online. More on this as it develops. Prepare for teeth gnashing and wailing as the rejections roll in. Stock tip: Buy shares in ear plug companies.

4) I expect to have Souvenir out by early June. Some things have changed--the addition of a story and the decision not to include another.

5) I hate Spanish. Not the people. The language. Well, not that exactly either--it's really lovely. I hate ME speaking it and trying to keep up with a professor from Spain who doesn't understand that some ears (brains?) are slower than others. This is likely to be the first B on my report card since returning to college.

6)  When I go looking for an MFA program (in the fall of 2015?) I'm going to have to find one that's genre friendly. More on that later.

7) Faulkner rocks. If you haven't read anything by him then do so. There will be a test.

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