Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Postcards from Camp

A conversation between unknown teenagers or adults who must have been bored and decided to become famous:

Future Famous Person #1 (aka FFP1): Hey! You want to start a band at midnight this weekend?

Future Famous Person #2 (FFP2): Yeah man! Should I bring my drums? The really loud ones that I've just started playing?

FFP1: Sure! And I'll set up my sound system and get out my electric guitar that I've only played twice. Make sure and tell the guy who only knows half the lyrics to every song (FFP3), to get his pipes ready. We're going to practice all night.

FFP2: Cool. Where are we going to set up?

FFP1: Outside, of course!

FFP2: But won't that keep the people at the campground awake?

FFP1: They won't mind, man! They'll probably be rockin' out in their tents.

We weren't. We really, really weren't From midnight to 6:00 (when I'm assuming you all went to sleep), we mostly just wished you'd aspire to become mimes. Or monks. Or more thoughtful human beings.

Two very tired middle-aged campers

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