Thursday, September 06, 2018

Same place--different look

My website needed a facelift. So I decided to give it one. Unsurprisingly, I haven't kept up with the tech and websites have evolved enormously in the last year or so. Of course they have. It's the internet.

My results were . . . in the words of my sons, "Very 2001-ish." Then I learned that my last effort (which I thought was pretty good) was very "2011-ish." My oldest son, a programmer and networking engineer, offered to stop the retro-progression. Without him, my next stage would almost certainly look like something from 1998. I'm rather fond of that year.

He simplified it greatly, tightening it significantly so that there are fewer clicks to get the reader where they want to go. And with his eye for color, design, and balance, it is both beautiful and professional.

Take a look--

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