Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jennifer Warnes

I'm a recent fan of this singer's work. I probably wouldn't have paid any attention to her if I didn't catch John Larroquette twittering about it. No, I do NOT twitter (Can you imagine me trying to say anything in less than a hundred letters? Me either), but I do stalk famous people who do. From a safe distance. Especially since the restraining order.  Anyway, I've fallen in love with this particular tune sung by this particular singer.  I dare you to listen without falling in love too. Proof that marketing like this works; I bought the song just so I could listen to it on my MP3 player. 

As per the stalking---In actuality, I was googling an old Night Court episode and stumbled into Larroquette's twitter page and the link to this song on his blip page was at the top. However, I must say that his twitters are far more intelligent than most I've seen. And he hasn't abandoned good spelling unlike  some amazingly handsome famous actors I could mention (I'm crushed JC, just crushed . . . ).

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