Sunday, July 01, 2012

July 15th

 SING will be out on July 15th 

More information  HERE (My website aka how I spent four days of my life. Next time around I'm hiring someone else to do the dirty work . . . )

Oh--and I'm on FACEBOOK --under "Mary O Paddock. If you've already friended me and you're wondering why on earth  I'd need a second page,  I'm trying really hard not to spam my friends and family with updates, etc. But--if you're a friend or family and you'd like to help advertise, feel free to point people toward my web page or the Facebook page, either one. 

In other news--it's eight o'clock at at night here and a  95 degrees Fahrenheit outside. That might be normal in Australia, but in the Ozarks, that's just wrong, folks.  If any of you know any rain dances or (dancers) please oh please send a little of that mojo over our way, will you?  We're hurting here. 


jeanie said...

We had plenty of rain around here last week - I can send you a bit of cold, though?

Scotty said...

Looking forward to reading it, Mary

Mary O. Paddock said...

Thanks guys! It's coming up fast. :)