Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tired brain

It's been an incredibly long week and I'm beat. I had to go to Springfield for a work-oriented activity twice in addition to going to the office. Springfield is nearly two hours from where I live and I spent most of the day on my feet (I will not gripe about work, I will not gripe about work, I will not . . . ). I could not wait to get home and start my weekend. I forded the horrible rush hour traffic, and once out on the highway, relaxed a little. I was half-way there, all I had to do was take 60 to 39 and 39 to the small town I live in,like I have a thousand times.

So naturally, it wasn't that easy.

hmm . . . I don't remember seeing that farmhouse before . . . Did that sign say it was 50 miles to the Oklahoma border? Guess it's always good to know that in case I need to get to Oklahoma in a hurry . . . Cow . . . Cow . . . Another cow . . . Did it mention something about Monett too? Ooh. Horse . . . Pretty sunset . . . Dang, the radio station is fading out, what's up with that? Doesn't the Aurora turn off come before you get to Monett? When did they put in the water tower? And why did it say "Welcome to Monett . . . Aww . . .
The rest of what I said has been edited for your viewing pleasure.

Somehow or another I completely missed my turn by about fifteen miles. I think it must have been when the truck at the head of the line of traffic sat through the green light. By the time I got up there I was so preoccupied with being irritated because I had to sit through the next red light that I didn't notice it was my turn. I arrived home a half-an hour late. Fortunately Gary wasn't here to quiz me as to why.

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